Soil Extract For Flowers 1L

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Organic Growth Stimulant to ensure your flowers grow big and healthy!

Ecoworm Soil Extract for Flowers is a highly concentrated liquid, extracted from organic vermicompost. It is specially formulated to stimulate high-quality plant growth for indoor and outdoor flowers. The Growth Stimulant contains all the essential nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and growth promoting substances that are necessary to give strong, healthy, and beautiful plants.



  • organic liquid compound fertilizer extracted from vermicompost
  • certified for organic use (OF&G)
  • gives maximum blooms & beautiful color
  • stimulates germination, root & plant growth
  • improves soil structure
  • provides plants with essential nutrients and aids in the suppression of pests and plant disease
  • helps plants to recover faster from replanting and climatic conditions
  • no risk of burning the plants
  • makes up to 200L of feed
  • child, pet & bee safe







Dilute Soil Extract with water and spray the plants or soak the soil around the base of each plant. Use on flowers around the house and garden. Feed when plants are actively growing. Apply during the coldest part of the day (early morning or late afternoon), avoiding direct UV rays.


5ML extract/1L water, feed every 14 days



Avoid contact with direct UV rays, which can affect the beneficial biology in the extract. Do not put any source of food into the bottle. Do not keep diluted feed.

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3 reviews for Soil Extract For Flowers 1L

  1. Steph

    Really great fertilizer. I use it on my indoor plants, and they really seem to love it. I apply it once a month, and I can see the improvement. They now look more alive and much greener. Awesome product! Highly recommend.

  2. Suzy

    Definitely recommend it. My flower garden looks beautiful

  3. Bridget J

    Highly recommend it!

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