Are Ecoworm products safe?

All Ecoworm products are organic and safe for humans and pets. They are environmentally friendly and do not contaminate water courses. Animals can remain on pasture when fertilizing.

Can Ecoworm products be used in organic farming/gardening?

Yes, Ecoworm products are organic and certified by OF&G.

What NOT to do with Ecoworm products?

Do not store the products in direct sunlight, as it will kill the microorganisms. Do not put any source of food (molasses, fish) direct into the container. If you are to mix food, in order to get the fertilizer activated faster, do it in a separate container.

What can Ecoworm products be used on?

Ecoworm has a wide range of products that can be used on all plants and soil types.

Our products can be used indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. It can be used as foliar spray, seed inoculant and in fertigation systems.

Ecoworm ZERO-WASTE. What is that?

We supply garden centers, wholesalers, and zero-waste shops all across the UK and EU that are part of this simple, yet effective strategy to continue preserving our planet, while helping the economy. We supply one big 20L drum of Ecoworm Soil Extract, which retailers distribute into used bottles of their own choice, or give a chance to the customers to fill up their own containers, in that way reducing the amount of plastic going to landfills.

How do the ‘perfect dose’ 1L Soil Extract bottles work?

To get the needed dose of the Soil Extract, open the left (dosator) cap and squeeze the bottle to get the desired dosage. No more mess!

Ecoworm Soil Extract is a living product. Explain?

Our products are full of living, dormant micro-organisms, that are ready to wake up and start working by repairing degraded soils, and cycling nutrients and minerals into organic state for the plant consumption. They wake up when in contact with oxygen, and fall asleep once it is gone.

Can I mix Ecoworm products with other organic fertilisers.

Yes, our products are compatible with other organic fertilizers. Do not mix with chemicals!

Can I mix Ecoworm products with pesticides?

Do not mix with pesticides, as this will kill the beneficial biology in the extract.

What’s the difference between worm castings and Ecoworm products?

Ecoworm products are liquid. Nutrients are soluble and can be immediately taken up by the plants. Liquid fertilizers make it easier to control application rates and nutrient levels. Easier storage, application, transportation. Convenience and cost-efficiency.

What is the difference between Ecoworm products and worm tea?

Worm tea is usually made from diluting worm castings with water. Ecoworm products are more effective and advanced. We have developed world leading technology in extracting soil microbes from worm castings, which extracts microbes, nutrients and all the beneficial properties of the vermicompost into a concentrated liquid solution without damaging the biology.

Do Ecoworm products smell bad?
No, unlike other organic fertilizers, our products do not smell bad and can be used indoors.

How should Ecoworm products be applied?

Ecoworm products can be applied as a liquid spray, or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces, or as a soil drench to re-apply all the beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients that the soil and plants require. Apply on plants during the growth stage for immediate uptake and coat seed at sowing for greater strike rate. Fertilizers can be applied using normal agricultural spray equipment, with increased jet size, so that there is no harm for the micro-organisms during the application. Use low pressure when fertilizing, so that the biology does not get killed. If the spraying equipment has previously been used for pesticide sprays, clean thoroughly with a suitable sterilizing compound.

Will Ecoworm products block my jets/nozzles?
No. Ecoworm products are filtered. There is no solid matter that would cause blockages.

All the biology settled in the bottom of the container. What to do?

Gently shake the container, to mix everything up. The product is not old, nor useless. The microorganisms sometimes stick together to keep themselves comfortable. Since Ecoworm products are chemical-free and natural, this is normal.
(For IBC only: try mixing inside the container, if it is too sticky and doesn’t mix, use a small tap in the bottom of the IBC to get out the thick layer and dilute it with 3 times more water than recommended. Contact us if further assistance is needed.)

When to apply Ecoworm products?

Apply Ecoworm products during the coldest part of the day (early morning or late afternoon), so that UV rays do not affect the beneficial biology. During the rain, fertilizers can be applied at any time, as the micro-organisms will use this available moisture to colonize the plant and soil, while being protected from the UV rays.

How to store Ecoworm products?

Shelf life is unlimited when stored out of direct sun light, in a rather cool place. One of our company’s benefits is that with our developed technology we are able to store our fertilizer without the microbes dying. The micro-organisms in Ecoworm products fall asleep and wake up once they get oxygen. This is one the biggest problems of our competitors, whose aerated worm teas and compost teas must be used within hours of brew aeration finishing.