What is Ecoworm Humate?
Ecoworm Humate - organic certified fertiliser extracted from worm castings.

Ecoworm Humate is a highly concentrated liquid extract produced from the highest grade organic vermicompost, containing beneficial soil microbes, plant available nutrients and minerals. Ecoworm Humate is being used as a fertilizer, re-builder, conditioner, and works as natural pest and disease control.

Ecoworm Humate is a living product and is full of dormant micro-organisms, that are ready to wake up and start working by repairing degraded soils, and cycling nutrients and minerals into organic state for the plant consumption. The extract is organic and chemical free, therefore is safe to use around humans, pets and in environmentally sensitive areas.

What does it do?

Ecoworm Humate feeds plants and soil with micro-organisms, while enriching soil with humic and fulvic acids, and plant growth enzymes. It re-establishes the micro-organisms and biology that chemical fertilizers have killed off. It also contains macro- and micro-nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural antibiotics, 18 amino acids, and beneficial soil bacteria that are essential for healthy plant growth.

Ecoworm Humate captures a wide range of nutrients, and stores them until the plant is ready to take them up, as well as unlocks many nutrients previously unavailable for plants. Moreover, it improves soil structure, increases water retention capability, and creates the best conditions for beneficial micro-organisms to thrive.

1. Feeds plants and micro-life.

2. Naturally protects plants from pests and disease.

3. Regenerates the soil by repairing its health.

What can it be used on?

Ecoworm Humate can be applied on all growing plants and soil types. It can be used as foliar spray, seed inoculant and in fertigation systems.

Suitable for: farming, gardens, orchards, groves, pastures, ranges, vineyards, greenhouses, hydroponics, nurseries, plantations, golf courses, stadiums, schools.

Benefits of Ecoworm Humate
  • Increased soil fertility and structure.
  • Increased humus levels.
  • Stimulated germination, plant growth and crop yield.
  • Reduced absorption of nitrates and heavy metals.
  • Increased metabolism of micro-organisms.
  • Increased P, K, Fe, Cu, Zn, Ca uptake.
  • Greater mineral and vitamin content in crop.
  • Improved root growth.
  • Increased natural plant resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Source of humic, fulvic acids, growth enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  • Increases resistance to drought and frosts.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • Soluble in water for easier, economical application and faster effect.
Effectiveness of Vermicompost

Vermicompost is not just another waste reduction method, because in nature there is no waste. Everything is reused and made into something of a greater value for the sustenance of life. Over 100 years ago Charles Darwin was the first to observe the effect of earthworms and castings they produced. Benefits of vermicompost, attained through an amazing interplay of biology, chemistry and microbiology sciences, led to the production of an extraordinary soil amendment and plant nutrient. Scientific studies have proved that treating plants with extracts of vermicompost result in better plant growth and decreased instances of disease. Ecoworm Humate is ideal if you are seeking for a product to rebuild your soil, while inoculating it with full range of soil microbes required to cycle minerals and nutrients.

In the picture you can see sugar beet grown in sandy (left) and clay (right) soils. All of them were sprayed with mineral fertilizers, while some of them were treated with Ecoworm Humate. It is visible that treated sugar beet benefited from Ecoworm Humate by having higher overall mass, and stronger root system.

How is Ecoworm Humate produced?

Here at Ecoworm we have spent over a decade developing fertilizers that are natural and biologically based to rebuild depleted chemical abused soils. We have developed world leading technology in extracting soil microbes from high-quality vermicompost and this technology is only operated by us and only available on our site. We farm earthworms that produce high grade vermicompost, which we later put into our custom built machinery that extracts the microbes, nutrients and all the beneficial properties of the vermicompost into a concentrated liquid solution without damaging the biology.

How should it be applied?

Ecoworm Humate is applied as a liquid spray or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces or as a soil drench to re-apply all the beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients that the soil and plants require. Apply Ecoworm Humate on plants during the growth stage for immediate uptake and coat seed at sowing for greater strike rate. Fertilizer can be applied using normal agricultural spray equipment, with increased jet size so that there is no harm for the micro-organisms during the application. Use low pressure when fertilizing, so that micro-organisms do not get killed.

(see dosage and application)

Apply Ecoworm Humate during the coldest part of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, so that UV rays do not affect the beneficial biology. When it is raining, the growth stimulant can be applied at any time, as the micro-organisms will use this available moisture to colonize the plant and soil, while being protected from the UV rays.

Ecoworm Humate is also compatible with other fertilisers. It is environmentally friendly and does not contaminate water courses.

WARNING! Never apply a food source into your Ecoworm Humate drum!

The fertilizer is microbial based, and we have managed to get the biology into dormancy, which allows us to store the living product. If you let any source of food to enter the container such as fish or molasses, the micro-organisms will wake up, consume all the oxygen inside the drum and then die, leaving you with stinky useless liquid. Make sure the food activator is only added to the spray tank or watering can, not to the drum, otherwise any leftover extract will be wasted.


Ecoworm Humate can be stored for years if out of direct sunlight, and in rather cool place. One of our company’s benefits is that with our developed technology we are able to store our fertilizer without the microbes dying. The micro-organisms in Ecoworm Humate fall asleep and wake up once they get oxygen. This is one the biggest problems of our competitors, whose aerated worm teas and compost teas must be used within hours of brew aeration finishing.

Ecoworm Humate - organic certified fertiliser extracted from worm castings.

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