Drop Shipping

We now provide drop shipping services for companies, who wish to sell our fertilizers in their own online stores, but are not ready to stock them. This cuts out the unnecessary task of receiving orders, storing and sorting the products and then sending them. This saves money on postage, storage space, stock and the workforce needed to process the orders.

How does it work?

Retailers list Ecoworm products on their online stores. Once they receive a new order, we get informed, and ship it directly to the buyer. In this case the retailer does not have to stock our physical products, nor care about packing or shipping.


  • Ability to offer customers a wider range of products.
  • No need to purchase and stock physical products.
  • Allows to test and see how well the products sell (before stocking them).
  • Earnings per sale.
  • Highly trusted fulfilment, that will not damage your reputation.
  • Great customer service.

Interested in our drop shipping services? Email info@ecowormusa.com and let’s work together!